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Become a Friend of the Hatchery

Passionate about our oceans and the future of our marine life? We need people like you to become a Lob-star!

By donating just £5 (or more!) a month, you will be playing a significant part in a pioneering project that is helping to conserve fragile lobster populations and the many livelihoods, marine ecosystems and coastal communities they support.

Why become a Friend of The Hatchery?

It’s not just about the lobsters…. your on-going support means something so much more.
Your much valued donations directly support raising and releasing our beautiful little lobsters back into the sea around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to help conserve vulnerable lobster stocks.

You will be helping support the fragile coastal communities and small in-shore fishing boats that pursue the most sustainable and low impact methods of fishing and keep traditional fishing heritage alive.

You will be helping to spread the word and increase awareness of marine conservation and sustainability issues, helping to provoke proactive consumer choice, ultimately helping to prevent the devastation of stock depletion and fisheries collapse (as happened already to lobster stocks in Scandinavia!)

In our short life time think how humans have impacted on our living marine resources. It’s time we made a stand for change, treated our oceans and marine life with respect and gave something back (in our case – literally!)

What are the benefits of becoming a Friend of the Hatchery?

As well as the ‘warm feeling’ you will get for doing something really quite amazing for the future of our incredible and vital ocean life, you will also receive:

  • A free fluffy lobster
  • A Lobster Adoption in your name
  • A cool Car sticker
  • An annual visitor pass so you can visit the NLH’s popular Visitor Centre whenever you want!
  • An NLH newsletter twice a year to update you on our latest plans, progress and achievements and of course ‘hatchery gossip!
  • A lot of “Lobster Love” from all NLH Trustees, staff, volunteers and beneficiaries (both human & crustacean!)

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