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Track your lobster

Track your lobster

Congratulations on adopting your very own lobster – You are in the right place to find out where and when your lobster was released!

Your very kind donation goes directly towards raising and releasing our baby lobsters, please search below to find out where your lobster is living!

If your lobster has not been released yet

We would normally say, allow at least 4 months for your lobster to show on our website, we have to wait for your baby lobster to grow in our hatchery.

My Lobster hasn’t moved since it’s been released! Is it OK?

Unfortunately we are unable to tag lobsters individually – this is because lobsters moult their shells every few months when they are younger (meaning that their tag will come off with their moult!) This means we can only tell you when and where your lobster is released. However, it is thought that lobsters wont move far from where they are released! So chances are, you little lobster is within 5 miles of its release location!

Can’t find your lobster?

It might ask you to ‘improve your search’ because it has found 234 lobsters called ‘Pinchy’ or you may have just given your first name as the adoptee, if so please search both your name AND the name of your lobster.

Please note – If you adopted a lobster before 2006 it will not be listed on our website.

If you still can’t find your lobster and it’s been more than four months since you adopted, then please email  [email protected]