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School and Group Bookings

At The National Lobster Hatchery we aim to raise awareness about the wonderful life of lobsters and sustainable fisheries.

We love sharing knowledge through education, in the hope we can raise awareness of the vulnerability of our fisheries and of the many positive ways in which we, as consumers, can help to ensure sustainable stock levels. We have also linked this to the curriculum, covering a variety of themes and subjects.

We are happy offer talks to local clubs and interest groups, here are some of the opportunities you can get involved with:

On site hatchery educational group visits

A unique opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with our little lobsters! Enjoy access to our Visitor Centre and receive a talk and Q&A from one of our lobster experts.

  • Education visits must be booked at least two weeks in advance due to the working nature of our laboratory facility.
  • Educational visits are only available during term times.
  • We can only facilitate a maximum of 20 students per visit.

Information and resources for teachers

Our educational programmes are aimed at stimulating imagination and creativity as well as improving environmental awareness. We are dedicated to educating pupils about the importance of conserving our marine environment and its living resources.

Our educational visits expand the boundaries of the classroom, linking to the curriculum to enhance learning objectives, and allowing children to participate with applied marine conservation in action. As well as seeing first hand the fascinating progression of a lobster from egg to adult and learning about our own conservation and research work, children can learn about the wider marine environment and why we should protect it.

Curriculum linked topics available include:

  • Lobster life cycles
  • Food chains
  • Adaptations and Evolution
  • Habitats
  • Fishing methods
  • Sustainability
  • Economics


“The children loved it, they came away with so much knowledge, enthusiasm and, for some, a total adoration of lobsters! Will definitely be recommending another trip to you!”

St Stephen Churchtown Primary Academy

To enquire about a visit or for more information, ring us on 01841 533877 or email [email protected] so that we can tailor your day to suit your needs.